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We cover all of the Salt Lake County, most of Utah  and Davis Counties

Areas We Cover
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Garden Tilling

  • We can till established gardens of any size.

  • We can expand the size of your current garden

  • We can mix in compost to improve the soil.

  • Tilling will reduce the number of weeds you have to deal with in your garden.

Sod/Seed Preparation

  • till up yard areas prior to seeding or laying sod

  • level uneven ground

  • loosens soil to allow roots to penetrate deeper

Lawn Aeration


  • create greener healther lawn

  • increases water infiltration

  • reduces water runoff and puddling

  • reduces soil compaction

Book Us: 801-867-1300​​
  • Cheaper than sod

  • High quality seed

  • Better seed selection for your custom lawn

Power Raking
  • Removes built-up thatch

  • lets grass grow thicker

  • increases water infiltration

Soil Conditioning
  • Cheaper than top soil

  • Easier and quicker than importing topsoil.

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