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We cover all of the Salt Lake County, most of Utah  and Davis Counties

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  Garden Tilling

-Established garden


-Extend established garden


-Open new ground for first time garden


1- Spread mulch, fertilizer or other additives before I arrive to till.

2- Mark any sprinkler line or other obstacles before I arrive to till.

3- Call bluestakes prior to tilling for a new garden. (Cable lines can be very shallow)

4- New ground can be quite hard.  Getting the ground very wet the day before tilling (without making it a mud bog) will allow the tiller to get deeper.  Sometimes it takes a year or two of growing and tilling to get a down 6" to 8"

Old plants/ Overgrowth

Old plants and other growth can be tilled in however, this can cause seeds to be pushed underground making it more difficult to control new weed growth.

Tilling a small established garden
Tilling a small new garden
Tilling a large garden that wasn't used for several years.
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